Biography - Zakiddine Younes

My name is Younes Zakiddine . Engineer during the week and passionate Landscape photographer on the weekends , based in Casablanca/Morocco. My path to photography was definitely not on a straight highway; I took the back roads and got lost several times along the way . My drive to take better images started in 2014 when I made a purchase of a full frame DSLR camera.

in that time , i  thought, like many, that getting a cute edge DSLR would make me a better photographer , but it didn’t so I was determined to improve and get my images to the standard I had seen from Famous photographers .

My vision of creating imagery  persistently changing with the times  , I take liberties with the process of Learning  and making my own style ... which might not be for everyone.

Photography has dramatically changed my life  leading me to meeting my wife, some of best friends, and also discovering this one true passion in life that has guided me toward being a better human. 

On my website I want to share my passion with other people. You will find many of my best pictures around the world and also from my home country. If you want one of my pictures to hang on your wall then feel free to contact me . I offer licensing as well just use the contact form to Drop me an e-mail. Not yet ready , i will also sharing tips , about and behind my photography in my blog section . . So stay tuned and I hope you won't regret your visit here on my site. 

Best Regards

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